221267Ah zombies.  I’ve been away from you for too long.

Little known fact: I am a huge fan of bad B action zombie movies, Resident Evil being my favorite zombie film franchise.  So when I see that we’ve come out with a whole series of Resident Evil books at work, do we really think I’m going to walk away from them?
Not bloody likely.

So the first volume in the Resident Evil series, the Umbrella Conspiracy was first published in 1998 by S.D. Perry, who luckily enough was able to write the whole series.  Really, this is just a republication with some new and pretty covers, but I’m not complaining.  There are 6 books in the series, and the first three are already out, bought, and sitting on my mountain waiting for me to read them.

Can’t wait.

But the original concept of the Resident Evil series was to base them on the games, and so far so good.  Granted, I have sadly yet to play any of the Res Evil games as I am a Microsoft girl, but a quick trip to Wikipedia to check out the storyline of the first game showed me that yes, the book does mirror the game.

The Umbrella  Conspiracy follows Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, part of the Alpha team of S.T.A.R.S (a really uber awesome tactical response squad) as they and a few other members go searching in the woods around Raccoon city (the basis of the games and the first couple of movies) for their missing Bravo squad.  What they discover is a lot of undead thing, experiments gone horribly wrong, and an auspicious mansion built by a madman and designed to kill anyone inside to keep them from the super secret research facility under the house.

The narration is a little jumpy as it goes from Chris to Jill to Barry to Rebecca to Wesker and back again.  Thankfully in the games you only have to worry about the one storyline: yours.

These five members split up into three teams and basically take you around the paths you would have taken in the game to solve all the puzzles and get out of the crazy deathtrap alive, and without becoming fodder for the mutants run amok.

All in all, pretty decent.  I’m generally a fan of anything that sticks close to cannon, and you can’t get much closer than this.

Enjoy folks.

Next time: angels and demons in Rapture by J.R. Ward

13040826Mels Carmichael, reporter for the Caldwell Courier Journal, gets the shock of her life when a man stumbles in front of her car outside the local cemetery. After the accident, his amnesia is just the kind of mystery she likes to solve, but she soon discovers they’re over their heads with his past. Over their heads with passion, too …As shadows walk the line between reality and another realm, and her lover’s memory begins to come back, the two of them learn that nothing is truly dead and buried. Especially when you’re trapped in a no-holds-barred war between angels and demons. With a soul on the line, and Mels’s heart at risk, what in heaven – or in hell – will it take to save them both?

After reporter Mels Carmichael hits a disheveled man with her car
outside the local cemetery, she pays a visit to the stranger in the hospital. The only thing he remembers of his past is seeing a name written on a headstone: that of Jim Heron—a fallen angel charged with rescuing souls from the seven deadly sins. Now, as Mels struggles to help this mysterious stranger rediscover himself, Heron himself returns to prepare for a battle between good and evil.