221269Next on the docket is the second installment of the republished Resident Evil novel adaptation series by S.D. Perry: Caliban Cove.

Nothing remarkable to say about this one folks.  If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, you’ll like it.  Caliban Cove follows Rebecca Chambers, a survivor of the first secret underground research facility in Raccoon City, as she is scooped up and taken across the country to another secret research facility named -you guessed it- Caliban Cove.

Rebecca survived Raccoon city with fellow S.T.A.R.S members Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Barry someone-or-other.  After blowing the whistle on Umbrella to their superiors, the survivors sit back and wait, only to learn that help is never going to come, and that their beloved organization is rotten to the core, with only a few people still fighting the dark side and Umbrella.

One of these fellow souls of justice, a S.T.A.R.S named David, breaks this news to the surviving team, and tells them that there’s another in the Cove.  Rebecca hops on board for this venture, leaving the others behind, as she apparently is the best one for the job since she is a child genius of chemistry and knows the T-Virus on a molecular level.

So off Rebecca goes with this new team, most of whom don’t make it out alive, and she gets to deal with the T-virus on a new level when a genius of a mad man decides to make the virus air born, and unleash it on humanity.  All to create a better world, of course.

Caliban Cove doesn’t follow along with the plot of any game as far as I can tell, but it’s still a good addition to the franchise.  Enjoy.

Coming up: sun, sand, sex and blood in The Twelfth Transforming by Pauline Gedge!

1111016No period in Egyptian history has been the source of so much fascination as the reign of Akhenaten, the XVIII Dynasty pharaoh whose impetuous government took his country to the brink of disaster. In The Twelfth Transforming, Pauline Gedge tells the rich and dramatic story of Akhenaten’s catastrophic rule — and of the Empress Tiye, whose efforts to save her beloved country from her pharaoh son unwittingly bring a curse upon the land. In scene after scene, ancient Egypt comes vividly to life: the splendour of the imperial courts; the unrelenting heat of the desert; the misery wrought upon the land when the life-giving Nile fails in its annual inundation. The Twelfth Transforming is historical fiction at its finest, an epic of a ruler, a dynasty, and a people confronting their glorious and tragic destiny.