10599805So here we have the latest in the Hollows series and while I did rather enjoy the book, parts of me are disappointed as well.

Here we have Rachel Morgan back from the Ever After and the realm of the demons, living once again in Cinncinati and trying her best to assume a semi normal life after finally accepting and revealing the fact that she is the first demon born on the mortal side of the ever after for a long, long time, if ever.

The premise of this installment is that a hate group called HAPA (Humans Against Paranormal-something or other) isn’t as dead as everyone thought, and is up in arms again, determined to wipe the world of every non human creature using Rachel’s blood.  The plan is to synthesize a curse or charm to target certain non human species and kill them off one at a time that way.

But of course when you abduct a demon, you piss it off, and that’s just what happened here.

The only problem is that throughout the whole book Rachel keeps talking about how she needs to grow up, take responsibility, yada yada yada.  But it’s been three books now since Rachel has decided to grow up and she needs to freaking do it already.  I’m getting tired of all these promises she makes to herself in every book that she seems to conveniently forget by the time the next book rolls out.

And I’m all for character development, but all the self pity, people coming down so hard on her for doing what she thinks is right and best for her and treating her like a two year old really got on my nerves.  If that were me I would have cracked by now and bitch slapped someone into the ever after and back again.

The best thing about it was the strongly hinted possible romance between her and her bestest best frenemy, the recently out-of-the-closet elf Trent Kalamack.  His character comes along rather nicely here as well.

So all in all, good book but has it’s flaws, which are not helped by the fact that Al randomly shows up and starts running around this side of the ley lines all of a sudden.

Enjoy folks.

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