Take it from me folks, this is not the kind of slightly dirty but still funny comedy war movie to watch with your mom and tween sisters.  I learned that the hard way.

Tropic Thunder came out a few years ago but since I just added it to my collection and decided to further corrupt my sisters with it, I get to add my own two cents to it now.

So the whole premise of Tropic Thunder is that it’s “the true story of the most expensive fake war movie never made”.  Confusing, yes.  And in order to truly understand what’s going on, you have to watch it.  But I’ll see what I can do for ya here.

Ben Stiller stars as Tuck Speedman, a semi-washed up action star with a failed attempt at dramatic films, trying to make a comeback with a movie supposedly about a war hero who lost his hands in ‘Nam.  Joined by a comedian (Jack Black), a dramatic film actor (Robert Downey Jr.), a kid and a rapper in the closet, these stars are such prima donnas that the director takes them out into the middle of the jungle to try and shoot the film gorilla style and winds up getting blown to pieces by a landmine.  The actors, stranded, stupid, and thinking the show must go on, attempt to do just that and wind up taking on a drug cabal in the jungle and almost get themselves killed.

But drama, comedy, and friendship win the day and all return home safe and sound where they win an Oscar for their film…you guessed it…Tropic Blunder.

Full of foul language, dirty, dirty, jokes and a toddler sent pinwheeling into a river, Tropic Thunder is not a movie to be taken seriously.

Or…you know…picked for the family movie night…
Enjoy folks!