Another bad choice for family movie nights.

What can I say?  I’m an awesomely horrible influence.  😀

Anywho next up on the film docket is Inglorious Bastars starring Brad Pitt as Lt. Al Dorein, a man who takes a contingent of American Jewish soldiers behind enemy lines during the second World War.  Their objective?  Killing Nazis.

The only thing is the Lieutenant requires an entry fee to this little German killing cabal: one hundred Nazi scalps, and he wants him his scalps.  And the few Third Reich German soldiers the Bastards encounter who leave with their scalps intact, also leave with a small souvenir. A swastika carved onto their forehead.

That’s what you think the basis of the story is, but it jumps around a bit.  From Third Reich slaughtering Allied soldiers to a young Jewish woman’s vengeance for the murder of her family, to the plot to kill Hitler himself.  All in all, it’s an enjoyable war movie if you can stand the subtitles and the jumpy story lines.

Enjoy folks.