9908518Is another vampire’s time of plenty.

Welcome back ladies and gents to the world of the American Vampire.  Volume 2 specifically.

Here we encounter Skinner Sweet again, the first American-turned-vampire, and the first of his breed, a newer, faster, stronger version of the European vampires that turned him.  Only this time instead of the Wild West outlaw we grew to know and love in Volume 1 he’s now the head of a drug/gambling/prostitution cabal in young depression-era Las Vegas during the building of the Hoover Dam.

His young protege Pearl has married her love and is trying to live a quiet life, until at least the expected underground vampire hunters make an appearance and try to bargain with her for the secrets to kill Skinner Sweet once and for all.

But this installment deals more with the sheriff of Las Vegas and a slew of murders, all the victims being of the group of high rollers financing the construction of the dam and the interesting parental heritage he has that’s revealed in a plot twist in the end of the book.

Ripped through this one in an hour it was so good, and there’s an interesting opening at the end that I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Enjoy folks.

Don’t stop now!  American Vampire #3 is next!

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