12153951Is there anything dark and evil out there that the Nazi’s have not been associated with in the fantasy/horror sub genres of fiction?  Zombies, werewolves, necromancers, and of course: vampires.

Such is the subject of the third installment of American Vampire.  Its the time of the Second World War, and American Vampire Pearl Jones is sitting at home like any good little housewife while her husband Henry fights for their country against ze Germans.

Interestingly enough Skinner Sweet does not play a large role in this one, but his and Pearl’s storyline does have some interesting developments towards the end.

But the name of the game here is Henry goes to war, comes back, and is then recruited by the secret underground vampire hunting organization to hunt more vampires behind enemy lines.  Only this time Pearl doesn’t stay at home once she finds out whats going on.

And of course once he gets where he’s going, Henry finds a whole new breed of vampire waiting for him while higher up the corporate pay scale Book’s daughter is playing nice with high ranking Third Reich commanders and seeing them labor away to willingly create an army of bloodsucking undead.

Surprisingly enough this was my least favorite of the series to date.  Didn’t really hold my interest for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on to the point where I’m not sure if I want to continue reading.  I know I’ve still got one or two issues left in me before I throw in the towel completely on this series, make sure this one issue wasn’t a fluke and it really is going downhill, but it looks like it might be going that way.

Enjoy folks.

One of the first Realms books, Shadowdale by Richard Awlinson is next.

650584When the gods are banished from the heavens, they must travel through Faerun in the guise of mortals.
When four companions, last survivors of the Company of the Lynx, find themselves in possession of a mysterious amulet, they must escape death at the hand of Bane, god of murder.
When magic itself runs wild, no one can say that the most innocent of spells will not destroy the world.