Part 1

It was years before I realized there is a name for creatures like me, half human half demon spawn: Cambions.  From what my mother told me I figured my father was likely an Incubus demon, a male demon who raped women in their sleep, a demon of lust, sex, and desire from the second circle of hell.  That made me half Succubus, the female counterpart to the Incubus demon.

Surprisingly enough, the humans got a lot of it right.  If you look at Christianity, they claim there are nine levels of hell, ruled over by seven demon princes, all of whom were once angels but when they rebelled against heaven they were cast down for their sins and the one who lead them to rebellion was given to rule over them in the realm of pain and suffering they found themselves bound to.

But that knowledge was long in coming.  First I was sent into foster care since I had no other blood relatives-at least none that could be found-and I shared the fate of many other human fosterlings, bouncing from home to home for a few years before I finally ran off and started living on the streets.

It was equal parts harder and easier for me than most living on the streets I think.  Owing to my dual nature I had been born with dual abilities.  From my mother I gained the ability to see auras, and from my father the ability to see a mortal’s soul.  And yes, there is a difference.  Auras are like halos of color outlining a person and those colors can tell you the most basic things about what kind of person you are, whether you are kind, violent, greedy, or what not.  But reading an aura is like reading a summarized version of a soul.

Souls are obviously larger and more complex than auras.  Where auras are halos of shifting color and light, souls are like…well for lack of a better analogy they’re like glasses of milk filled with a multitude of food color droplets in every shade you can think of.  The glass is the body that houses the soul, the milk is the essence of the soul itself, and the food color droplets represent every personality trait, quirk, emotion and psychosis you can name.  It’s the closest you can get to mind reading without digging around in someone’s brain.

The only problem with souls is that’s all you can see when you look at a person.  Just like looking at a glass of milk where you see the outlines of the glass, so too when I look at anything human I don’t see what they are, but who they are.  I see humanoid shapes of white enveloping these swirling kaleidoscopes of color with vague markings for mouths, eyes, and nose.

And no, I don’t have anything like xray vision either jerks.  The less clothing you wear the more of your soul I see, but if it wasn’t for photographs and mirrors I wouldn’t know what anyone looks like.  Pervs.

So anyway, that nifty little genetic quirk of mine made it easier on me because I could spot the bad ones a mile off and steer clear.  I was also able to find the good ones to help me fill my belly and warm my nights with an extra blanket or two.

The hardest thing about being on the street was that the bad ones were constantly drawn to me until I figured out to keep my eyes covered.  You see, demons are long lived creature.  Eternal actually, so long as they keep certain body parts whole and intact.  So for me when my home caught on fire that was a grossly abnormal manifestation of my powers.  Imagine a human infant, still in the womb, having the intelligence and communicative skills to win a Nobel Peace Prize and you’ll come close to how much of an abomination I was.

As a result I had these powers that I had to learn to control quickly.  And that’s a little bit easier said than done when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing in the first place.

One latent ability of a succubus is the ability to attract men via…fuck… anything really.  Looks, scents, body language, you name it a succubus can do it and it screams ‘Fuck Me’ in bright flashing neon letters as it does so.  But each succubus specializes in one form of seduction.  And unbeknownst to me, my specialty was my eyes.

When my powers manifested for the first time that night, not only were many of my demon abilities switched to ‘on’ or ‘standby’, one physical demonic characteristic broke through the human breeding: solid gemstone colored eyes.  You know that show Supernatural?  The one where the two brothers drive around the country killing monsters and demons?  No?  Ah well, it’s a really good show and one thing they got semi-right about demons was the eyes.

Demons are identifiable by their solid black eyes in the show, all pupil, no iris or whites.  In reality, demons so have solid colored eyes, albeit not always black.  Mine are emerald green.  Some are ruby red, sapphire blue, cobalt grey, so on and so forth.  The colors run the spectrum of every precious and semi-precious stone, metal, and mineral you can think of, along with their hair tones.  I think it has something to do with corrupting angels by being so close to earth.  Angels generally have white or silver eyes and normal hair tones.

Anyways my specialization as I was saying is my eyes and the looks I give men.  It is something I can control, but it was turned on the night of the fire and it took me years to figure out what was going on and how to turn it off at will.  But like I said, at first I didn’t know.  I was going around, minding my own business, but every time I looked a man in the eyes he was fucked.  I was sending out this…visual pheromone and I didn’t even know it.

So while I saw the bad ones coming, sometimes it wasn’t before they saw me so I spent a lot of time moving around.  Eventually I caught on to what was going on, and the first thing I did was score some thick, dark shades to hide my eyes.  No eye contact, no problem.  It took me longer to figure out the off switch so I could walk around like a relatively normal person, but it happened.

Okay you can stop looking at me like that.

Like I’m a snake that’s about to bite you!  Never mind the fact that the laws of hospitality forbid me from using any of my powers on you outside of self defense, have you not noticed I have not taken my sunglasses off since you walked through my door?  So long as our eyes do not meet, you’re safe so stop fidgeting around like your pants are on fire.

Besides, the best way to tell if I’ve worked that part of my mojo on you is to ask yourself if you would be willing to follow me into hell.  And I’m not talking the figurative hell that most of you mortals speak of.  Hell is real.  It is not fun.  I should know, I was broken there and remade in my father’s image.

Part 3