13168207Normally, you won’t find manga on here because generally speaking it doesn’t really interest me.  But this little gem caught my eye and I thought it was worth a shot.

The series is called Hell Blade, and the first installment is entitles Jack the Ripper.  I picked it up because I am a bit of a Ripper enthusiast and I like to read all the different takes on the history.

The cannon present here only surprises me in that I personally have not seen it before and therefore am slightly surprised that no one else has thought to take this on.

Here we are introduced to Jack the Ripper, an artificial human creation similar to Frankenstein’s monster, albeit he is hella more higher functioning and is actually on a mission to wipe out the demons terrorizing London.

Apparently in this world, once a woman becomes corrupted through sin of any sort, demons will attempt to gain entrance to the world through their…well…womb.  Something along the lines of the whole birthing a new army thing.

So the demon is ‘born’ and takes over the body of the woman and takes over her place in the world to live and corrupt happily ever after.

At least until Jack gets wind of them, in which case he makes sure their ever after ends not so happily.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole womb thing is creepy as hell and about the only thing I would change about the series, but otherwise it’s not bad for a beginning.  We’re introduced to Jack the Ripper who is a psychotic, sadistic ass along the lines of Dexter where he revels in blood and gore but channels his lust for violence into a higher calling in wiping out those demons that come forth.  We also meet his intriguing young detective friend, a young lad by the name of Holmes, who helps Jack in keeping the police of his trail.

Dark, bloody, gritty, and twisted, it’s an interesting take on the Jack the Ripper story and I’m halfway interested in seeing where it goes from here.

Enjoy folks.

A blast from the past with Conqueror by ConnIggulden is next!

12280500The novels of Conn Iggulden bring the past to thrilling life, from ancient Rome to thirteenth-century Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Now he delivers the spectacular story of the rise of Genghis Khan’s grandson, a man destined to become one of the most remarkable rulers who ever lived–the legendary Kublai Khan.
A succession of ruthless leaders has seized power in the wake of the great Khan’s death–all descendants of Genghis, but none with the indomitable character that led a people to triumph. One grandson, Guyuk, decadent and vicious, seeks to consolidate his position through bribery and murder, pitting powerful factions against one another and straining the loyalties of the tribes to the breaking point.
Next comes his cousin, Mongke, who eliminates all possible opposition with breathtaking brutality and dispatches his younger brothers Kublai and Hulegu to far-flung territories, to test their mettle and their allegiance.
Hulegu displays his barbarity with the savage destruction of Baghdad and his clash with the Khan’s age-old enemies, the cult of assassins, who will strike deep into the heart of the nation. But it is Kublai–refined and scholarly, always considered too thoughtful to take power–who will devise new ways of warfare and conquest as he builds the dream city of Xanadu and pursues the ultimate prize: the ancient empire of Sung China. His gifts will serve him well when an epic civil war breaks out among brothers, the outcome of which will literally change the world.
Brilliantly researched and imagined, unforgettably told, “Conqueror” is a magnificent achievement from an enthralling writer at the peak of his powers, a must read for all lovers of history and storytelling on the grand scale.