Part 2

So anyway, I lived on the streets like that for several years before I stumbled across one of yours mute, amnesiac, and naked in a gutter.  Long story short, I took the boy under my wind and got him back to his people.  Eventually they took me in as well and I lived in relative peace with them, learning more about myself through trial, error, research and discussion.  And for a time, all was well in my world.

But all good things must come to an end, and one day my father rather forcibly came calling.  Seems daddy dearest sensed my growing strength and decided he wanted to be a little more hands on with my training.  So he broke into our home and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Come peacefully with him, or watch him kill everyone I had learned to care about.  Slowly.

Needless to say it wasn’t a hard choice, but I wasn’t stupid either.  I knew if I agreed blindly he would only come back to kill them later.  But I gambled on the fact that my father needed me willing and pliable more than he needed me fighting, and I won.  I had learned enough in my research to exact an oath from him to leave them in peace, which I think is the only reason they’re all still alive today.

So I backed the old man into a corner, he swore his oath, and he took me to hell.

See, my father was, for lack of a better term, a duke of hell, most specifically the fifth circle of hell designated to the sin of lust.

Like I said before, the Christians got it mostly right when they described hell.  The Maker did create everything, heaven, hell, earth, and angels, but not all at the same time.  At first there was only heaven and earth, angels and humans.  There was a rebellion.  Lucifer led the charge with six others: Mammon, Asmodeus, Sataan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Belphegor.  They were all cast down into hell which was created originally to serve as their prison, and over the centuries came to serve as a prison for all damned souls.

The Maker imprisoned each of the fallen angels in their own part of hell; each part dedicated one of the seven sins.  Belphegor was given Sloth, the first and least of the sins, followed by Leviathan with Envy, Beelzebub with Gluttony, Staan with Wrath, Asmodeus with Lust, Mammon with Greed, and set above them all in the last and worst of all sins, Lucifer with Pride.  He twisted them into dark, corrupted forms more fitting their nature and as a result created the first demons.  The Maker also decided that hell would serve as a prison for all dark souls, each sent to a different level depending on their sins.  And from these souls the princes chose the darkest and most twisted in each of their realms to become a duke and serve as the prince’s right hand in the hells as well as on earth.

And the thing you need to keep in mind is that the Maker is really big on balance.  Heaven and earth were meant to mirror each other: mortal and eternal paradise.  But when he created hell, he needed to adjust everything.  So hell was created to be the mirrored, polar opposite of heaven, and earth was then to be the bridge between the two.  A mix of both good and bad.

Now then, the princes are eternally bound to their kingdoms, the Maker saw to that.  And normally demons can’t cross over willy nilly either.  It takes an open door or a stupid human with a little magic for demons to cross the border.  But my father was a clever bastard and managed to tear a hole between Lust and earth and secure it for his own personal needs.  I still don’t know how the fucker did it; I just know that I was able to seal it.  At least temporarily.

Anyways, for centuries he had been running back and forth, raping powerful female psychics in an attempt to breed a new kind of demon that could live both in hell as well as on earth, one that he could train to be his own personal general in a doomsday army.  Cliché, I know, but what else do you expect from demons?  It’s in the blood, their very nature is chaos and destruction, and we’re all born with a very special talent.

You see, when the Maker created the world, he decided how it would end.  When he created humans, he decided humans would be the key to when doomsday happens.  When he created demons, they began to corrupt the humans, thus setting into motion the eternal contest.  Whether it was intentional or not is moot.  The point is that now angels and demons fight over souls, and more often than not those are the very souls that can hasten or impede the end of the world by the length of a century or more.

When hell was first created, he gave angels the gift of this sight in order to properly judge the souls and send them to their eternal salvation or damnation.  But, this gave the angels an advantage over the demons when it came to saving the vulnerable souls, so he gave it to the demons as well.  Both sides would know where to pick and prod at the soul to bend them to their will; it would be solely up to the resolve of the human as to whether or not they fell to the outside will.  Balance and free will and all that crap.

So demons and angels know how the world will end, but that how changes all the time as souls are damned or saved.  But in one such ‘vision’ let’s call them; my father saw a demon/human half breed hybrid of his blood leading an army of hell against the world and speeding up the apocalypse by millennia.  These visions led him to potential mates that would be suitable to breed such a hybrid and one time he lucked out and got me.

But as you can guess my father was not the parental sort, and it is not in the nature of demons to care for their spawn or offspring until they show some use or potential.  My father was no different.  He impregnated my mother, placed a blood binding on me, and left us to our own devices until my powers awoke in me to sufficient amounts that the binding was alerted and he took notice of me once more and came to reclaim me and train me in hell.

I look young, but I am far, far older than all of you combined.  In your time, I only spent two years in hell.  But time runs differently between the realms.  One year here on earth, one year of a mortal’s lifespan, is the equivalent to one millennium, one thousand years in heaven or hell.  I lucked out on genetics roulette and I bred more true to my demonic heritage than human.

I…cannot begin to describe hell to you.  It is different for everyone, for again, each person is sent to the circle representing the sin they are most guilty of, and there they are tortured for eternity by whatever it is that they fear or loathe most in the world.  It is designed to break you and make you suffer to the utmost mentally and physically for all eternity.

For me, I was not punished for I was not damned.  Instead, I went through ‘training’.  Which basically means for the first thousand years or so I was the personal cum bucket for anything with a dick or a twat that took notice of me, including my own father.

Oh please.  Don’t look so surprised.  You really think it would have happened any other way?  That being imprisoned in the realm of lust I would have been unmolested for my entire stay there?  Either you’re incredibly hopeful or incredibly stupid.

My father’s intent during that time was to break me so he could remake me.  So physically, he gave my body to whoever wanted it, and took it when he was bored.  But such actions always come with consequences, and he used those against me too.

I was impregnated.  Frequently.  I actually lost count at one point.  I was more fertile than a demon, and had a faster gestation rate for my spawn than a human.  Sometimes they had contests to see how many times they could impregnate me in a decade.  The spawn I bore…my father devised various fates for them.  A few were given as slave gifts before being raped, killed and eaten.  Sometimes they strapped me down and tore into my belly as my time came near and pulled the creature from me before ripping it apart or feasting on it.  Once several of them lived to be fattened like cattle before being served at a feast for.  Most were torn apart in front of my eyes even as we screamed in the agonies of birth.  And one…one was allowed to live.  Until I killed her.

Part 4