12280500So ladies and gents, as promised, here is the latest book in the Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden, featuring the life and times of Ghengis Khan and his dynasty.

Please note, this is a book I read in December so it is not part of Ja No Read Mo.

Here, Ghengis has been dead for at least ten years, as we deal largely with his grandsons, most particularly one of the more infamous ones, Kublai.

This is a tumulus time for the mongol nation, as within this one book alone we go through three different Khans, all of them dying through ‘natural’ causes such as war and battle.  One of which was his very own brother.

Now the character of Kublai is rather intriguing.  Raised a scholar, thrown headfirst into war, Kublai quickly catches on to the nuances of warfare and surprises seasoned warriors and surprises them all as he takes mile after mile of land from their enemies.

What’s even more interesting is the family tree printed inside the book jacket, which shows Kublai as the founder of the Yuan dynasty, which is largely considered to be one of the first, or at least one of the more famous, dynasties within ancient China.

Not a bad ending to the series if that is to be the case.  I hope not as Kublai had not established the Yuan dynasty by the end of the book, but we will have to wait and see.

Enjoy folks.

Finishing up the last of the pre-Ja No Read Mo 2013 books, we carry on with Resident Evil: City of the Dead by S.D. Perry

90578A rookie cop and a resourceful young woman in search of her brother venture into Raccoon City on the very night that a horrifying viral outbreak has transformed every man, woman, and child into one of the living dead.