And all the psychosis that entails.

Right now we’re in the mid season break for season 3 of the Walking Dead, but so far so good.  Lori’s no longer useless, Carl’s turning into a bit of a bad ass, the infamous Michonne finally makes her way onto the stage, and we are taken to meet the first real boogeyman of the series and the season: the Governor.

Our intrepid group of survivors find a prison that they think is abandoned, and start in on making it their new home.  They clear out some walkers, find some survivors, kill some of the more psychotic ones, and wind up making a not too shabby place for themselves.

The only thing is that we seem to be missing a member of our group.  At the end of season two, Andrea was seperated from the rest, and saved by Michonne.  Here in season 3, the two ladies are off on their own and doing well, or at least until Andrea gets really, really sick and they’re found by members of a town called Woodbury and taken in to get patched up.

For those familiar with the graphic novels, we know that Woodbury is no good.  And to her credit, so does Michonne.  The only problem is that once Andrea meets the leader of Woodbury, a man named Philip Blake that everyone calls the Governor, her hormones take over her good sense.  And instead of listening to Michonne’s instincts that have saved them time and time again, Andrea insists that Woodbury is a great place and dances happily to the Governor’s tune, and into hos bed.  Blech.  Gods save me from horny blondes.

Thankfully so far we don’t really lose any members of the group, and we are even reunited with a long lost member we thought was dead.

So all in all it’s not a bad season so far.  Granted we’re only halfway through right now, still plenty of time to screw things up, but at least this time round it’s not the extended, repeatable soap opera that last season was.

Now if only Andrea would close her legs and open her eyes…