13536649Or at least that what they want you to think.

Here we are folks with the latest addition to the Iron Druid Chronicles, Trapped.

Taking place twelve years after the events of Tricked, Atticus, his apprentice Granuaile and his wolfhound Oberon have been forced out of hiding thanks to the escape and resurgence of the Norse trickster god Loki.  And according to Norse myth, the release of Loki is the beginning of Ragnarok, their end of the world.  And thanks to the events a few books ago, everyone capable of stopping the end of the world is dead, mostly thanks to people tricking Atticus into doing their dirty work for them.

So anyway, end of the world, they have to destroy the Fenris wolf, take on Hel, and bind Granuaile to the earth and make her the first new druid in centuries.  A task made more difficult by the fact that Diyonisus has a death warrent out on Atticus, and with the help of Pan Mount Olympus is the only place that they can complete her training.  Cue chase theme music.

I actually don’t have a lot to say about this one, as most of it was just Atticus trying to get his apprentice bound to the earth and make her a full fledged druid.  They start, get interrupted, do stuff to start again, get interrupted again, piss off more gods to finish the job, etc etc.  There wasn’t a lot of plot development here as far as I’m concerned.  This one seemed more like a stepping stone to the next book, rather than a book all to it’s own.

Don’t get me wrong, I still loved it.  I won’t stop reading the series because of this one book.  It just seemed a little less than the other ones.

Enjoy folks.

Next time on the book side of things, the first book after Ja No Read Mo: City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte.

15808242Once a city of enormous wealth and culture, Prague was home to emperors, alchemists, astronomers, and, as it’s whispered, hell portals. When music student Sarah Weston lands a summer job at Prague Castle cataloging Beethoven’s manuscripts, she has no idea how dangerous her life is about to become. Prague is a threshold, Sarah is warned, and it is steeped in blood.
Soon after Sarah arrives, strange things begin to happen. She learns that her mentor, who was working at the castle, may not have committed suicide after all. Could his cryptic notes be warnings? As Sarah parses his clues about Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved,” she manages to get arrested, to have tantric sex in a public fountain, and to discover a time-warping drug. She also catches the attention of a four-hundred-year-old dwarf, the handsome Prince Max, and a powerful U.S. senator with secrets she will do anything to hide.

     City of Dark Magic could be called a rom-com paranormal suspense novel—or it could simply be called one of the most entertaining novels of the year