That’s what this little girl is made of.

So for Christmas this year, I got a butt load of video games for my 360, one of which was The Walking Dead.

Now I went into this game a little blind.  My S.O asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and mentioned that this game was out there so I was like ‘yeah sure, why not’.  And so far ladies and gents it is my favorite.

The story line is fairly linear.  There aren’t a lot of options to take the story in a different direction.  The only options you get is how much of a hero or an ass you are, and therefore how much people love/respect/hate/fear you.

You have no choice in character either.  You start off as a black man named Lee, handcuffed and in a the back of a police car heading to jail when you get into a car wreck caused by a walker, and now have to evade the flesh eating bastards.  You learn later on that you’re a convicted murderer.  You killed a U.S. senator after finding him in bed with your wife.

So you climb out of this car wreck, fend off some undead monsters, and make your way to an abandoned house, and find a little girl named Clementine hiding out in the tree house of  the back yard.  Cue the start of a beautiful friendship.

You don’t really have a choice to leave the kid behind, but trust me, you don’t want to.  Clementine is actually a pretty awesome little eight year old girl, and winds up saving your ass a few times.  Once you and Clementine join forces, the name of the game is get to Savannah and hopefully find her parents.

Timeline wise, it doesn’t jive with anything in the Walking Dead series, either print or television.  The Walking Dead game is kinda like a prequel to it all.  It takes place when Rick is still in the coma, and you meet Hershal and Glen before they join up with the main group so that’s kinda cool.

The Walking dead is full of quick time events, and auto saves.  No save points or the option to save right before a dialogue choice to so you can go back and change your mind later.  You got to act fast and live with the consequences that come from them.  It’s also really, really well done.  You find yourself drawn to and empathizing with all of the characters to some degree or another, and some of the choices you have to make in this game are really hard and really make you look at yourself, in game and out.

Unlike most games that make you choose like this, where you get to decide if you’re good or bad, there is nothing so black and white here in The Walking Dead.  Instead it’s nothing but shades of grey and sucky choices.  Only some choices suck less than others.  For example there are several occasions where two people are in danger, but you can only save one and you make the choice of which one to save.

Like I said, nothing but sucky.

Despite having never seen a game quite like The Walking Dead before, I loved it.  I finished the game in like 2 days it was so engrossing.  The only downfall is that the game has quite the ‘WTF?!?’ kind of ending, and not necessarily in a good way.  It leaves a lot of questions with few answers.

Thankfully they’re supposed to be coming out with a part 2…

Well, halfway through the month and we’re finally caught up with the posts I was originally intending for January before I remembered Ja No Read Mo at the last minute. Yay!  Still have a bit of catching up to do with what I’ve done in the interim, but everything should be up to speed come the beginning of March.

Thanks for your patience folks. See ya soon!