15808242Okay, seriously.  What is with me and picking books with bad endings lately?  Or picking up books that just make no sense?  I’m usually a better judge of stories than this….

Anyways, latest on the docket is City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte.  The whole premise of the story is about a brilliant young woman who is a Beethoven expert and is offered an out of the blue position studying his work for a museum in Prague, a scant hour before she learns that her mentor, who was also in Prague working for the same museum, is dead.

So you think this would be a kind of murder mystery set in one of the most historic cities in the world, and you would be right.  There is murder, mystery, intrigue centuries old, a corrupt KGB agent-turned-American senator, a prince in disguise, a 400 year old dwarf, and the ultimate treasure hunt.

Unfortunately much of this gets clouded by the main character herself.  She just seemed really flighty to me.  Apparently she has a very acute sense of smell and uses that sense to  make several decisions in her life, including sexual partners, of which she has three.  Before the book is halfway through.

I really, really wanted to like this book, because the mystery drew me in and some nifty theories on science and black holes, but there was just too much weird stuff going on for me to really like it in the end.

It was odd seeing her running around making decisions based totally on what she smelled of someone or something, and the fact that when she goes on a bad drug trip the only way to keep her grounded is by her man sticking his hand up her skirt and taking his time.  Really?  Did we really need to do that?  In public no less?

I’m just left feeling really conflicted.  I wanted to like City of Dark Magic.  It can be a really good story, but too much just doesn’t make sense at all and it just left me feeling…off.  Ah well.  Maybe one of you folks will have better luck hmmm?

Next up: The Bridge by Jane Higgins.  Lets see if I got my mojo back…

11052827The City is divided. The bridges gated. In Southside, the hostiles live in squalor and desperation, waiting for a chance to overrun the residents of Cityside.

Nik is still in high school but destined for a great career with the Internal Security and Intelligence Services, the brains behind the war. But when ISIS comes recruiting, everyone is shocked when he isn’t chosen. There must be an explanation, but no one will talk about it. Then the school is bombed and the hostiles take the bridges. Buildings are burning, kids are dead, and the hostiles have kidnapped Sol. Now ISIS is hunting for Nik.

But Nik is on the run, with Sol’s sister Fyffe and ISIS hot on their trail. They cross the bridge in search of Sol, and Nik finds answers to questions he’d never dared to ask.

The Bridge is a gritty adventure set in a future world where fear of outsiders pervades everything. A heart-stopping novel about friendship, identity and courage from an exciting new voice in young-adult fiction.