So I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Life of Pi, but for the longest time I just was not into seeing it.  I had read the book years ago in high school for my English course but I could remember little of it, and what I could remember, mostly wasn’t all that good.

I remembered the basic plot of the story. Boy gets ship wrecked, has to survive on a small life boat with only a tiger for company, and the fact that the boy at one time tries to eat the tiger’s poop to survive.

Yeah…like I said…not good.

Needless to say, my hesitation in seeing the movie was understandable.  But I finally bit the bullet and watched it with the bf and I must say I loved it.  It actually made me want to read the book again.

The basic story is about a young Indian boy named Piscine Patel, or Pi for short, who’s family are zookeepers in India.  But they fall on hard times and decide to immigrate to America to start a new life.  They load up the animals on a boat to sell when they reach their new home, and away they go.

But the boat meets its end in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and it sinks in a terrible storm, taking all the human and animal souls with it, minus one zebra with a broken leg, one orangutang, a hyena, a tiger, and of course one young Indian boy.

So here we have two herbivores and two predators on one small life boat together.  You can imagine how well that turns out, and of course young Pi is witness to it all and before long it’s just him and the tiger alone on the lifeboat and a small raft the boy fashions for himself for almost a year.

Its actually pretty amazing how well the two get along, and how resourceful young Pi is in trying to co exist with this large, deadly carnivore.  And sometimes it actually works.

Visually, Life of Pi is stunning and beautifully done.  The colors, the computer generated animals, all beautiful and gorgeous.  It is a movie I recommend everyone see because it is something that everyone can enjoy.  But I do give one warning alongside that.

This movie does not sit well with with animal lovers or those with a soft heart in general.  There are some pretty harsh scenes dealing with animal death, struggling, and starvation that personally had me bawling like a little baby, several times over.

But aside from that, it was really well done.

Enjoy folks.