15720319Here we have the latest installment of the Walking Dead franchise, Walking Dead #17 Something to Fear.

Now for those of you up to date on the graphic novel end of the franchise, you may remember last time that Rick and the others found a larger, more self-sustainable community than the one they were living in, and Rick was determined to do what it took to ‘stop surviving and start living.’

And at first it looks like all’s going well, until they run into a band of marauders who are more than what Rick and the others are able to deal with.  And it seems like their leader, the new found nemesis of the series, might actually be worse and more psychotic than the Govenor himself.

And for me, that’s a scary thought all by itself…

But of course no matter how bad the bad guy is, Rick always shows himself to be more than ready and willing to take them on and bring them down.  Looking forward to seeing how this latest sociopath on a power trip is taken down.

We do lose an old friend here, but looks like we might be gaining a new member of the group so it’s a bitter sweet ending for our dear friend.

Next, we’re going to go back in time a wee bit with Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George.