So I finally jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon this Valentine’s Day.  The bf got me an xbox points card to buy that new Skyrim add on and I had enough left over to invest in downloading Minecraft off xbox live.

The first thing I need to say is that you need a hella lot of time to play this game, because your building capabilities are only limited to your imagination.

So to play every new game, you have to spawn a new world.  And it is totally random every time, no two worlds are alike.  You have grass, desert, forest, tundra, mountains, cliffs, valleys, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, oceans, and even a whole slew of subterranean tunnels and what not to explore with monsters, minerals, and lava.  Every time you load the game, you spawn in the same spot, so you need to be sure that spot is safe and secure since monsters come out as soon as the sun sets to hunt your ass down.

You can mine in all these terrains for different basic materials such as stone, gravel, dirt, sand, clay, and snow.  Using these basic materials you can build pretty much damn near anything you want.  A castle, a fortress, I even heard rumors of someone creating their very own U.S.S Enterprise!  So in that aspect, the sky is the limit for you in Minecraft.

You can hunt the local wildlife of pigs, cows, sheep and chickens for food and miscelaneous crafting materials like leather, wool and feathers.  However, the crafting capabilities within the Minecraft world are pretty finite.  There is a set number of items you can create within the world, and that’s it.  There’s no experimentation, no new discoveries.  Everything you can and will ever build is right there in front of you, so have fun.

And really, that’s the only downside to it.  So long as you have enough material blocks you can build whatever you want.  Christ, you could build a diamond castle provided you had enough diamonds.  That, plus other cook features like being able to train and tame wolves and wild cats to be docile house pets.  Feed a wolf enough bones and they follow you around fighting the monsters.  Feed a wild cat enough fish and they turn into a regular house cat that stays at your home base and protects it from monsters at night.

Not a bad game overall if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and a little imagination.