9516So I’ve been a little sidetracked in my reading….again.  I’ve been reading bits and pieces of a graphic novel biography called Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi for a while now, and was finally able to finish it the other day.

Persepolis the story of Marjane’s life growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, and it is quite the interesting read.

Marjane describes a things that happened to her as a young girl that most would expect to see in a biography about someone who had lived through religious/governmental revolution.  At first the changes seemed small and fleeting, things changing for what hopefully would make their world better, but then things get out of hand.  Those in charge are slowly replaced by power crazed fanatics.  Stricter rules are implemented, enforced, with rigid punishment in place for the most minor offense.  Friends and family arrested, tortured, killed, or just disappearing for opposing the incoming regime for some reason, be it real or imagined.  Living in constant fear for yourself and your family, as well as suspicion for those you once loved and trusted.

Young Marjane lived through all of this as a young girl, and thankfully she was able to escape to what hopefully ended up being a safer, better life.  And she tells her story in a rather interesting way.  Rather than the typical biography, Marjane chose to tell us her story in pictures as well as words and so we have one of those few graphic novel biography that seem to be gaining in precedence.

At times funny, poignant, heartbreaking, but always fascinating, Persepolis is the story of one life among many during a time that changed the face of a country forever.

Next up, Dragon Age 2: Those Who Speak by David Gaider.

28237448In this canonical story from the lead writer of BioWare’s Dragon Age games, reluctant monarch King Alistair travels to an empire of evil mages.

Accompanied by the pirate captain Isabela and the underworld merchant Varric, Alistair will stop at nothing to uncover the fate of his lost father — even if it means battling an army of cultists singlehandedly!

The fight turns even more personal as Alistair faces a former ally and Isabela must confront the tragedies of her past while imprisoned in the cultists’ dungeon!