I think that’s a toss up between two events in my life, one from when I was a child, and one just a few years ago.  And since I can’t decide on which, I’ll share them both.

My mother has always been a strong woman, and her past has some not-so-pleasant moments to it.  One of them is that when she was younger she got into a fight and received a baseball bat upside her head.  The force of the blow gave her a concussion which healed in time, but also damaged her brain a bit.  Basically what happened was it short circuited some synapses in her brain and she became prone to seizures.

I grew up with the hypothetical knowledge of this information, because my mom didn’t drive and when I was old enough to ask her why, this is what she told me.  She was afraid of having a seizure behind the wheel and killing someone.  A fear that she still holds today, despite not having a seizure for almost 20 years.

And it was that last seizure twenty years ago that I remember.  I was round about ten years old at the time, and it was summer.  I remember my mom had some friends of hers over, people I had grown up calling auntie and uncle, when she had her seizure.

I don’t know how it happened, all I remember is walking through my house and seeing my mother lying on the floor in front of the door with her friends kneeling over her.  I guess it had happened just as she was coming in, because her friends looked up at me and told me to call for an ambulance.  I guess I was freaking out or they were trying to keep me calm by giving me something to do.  I remember calling 911, giving the operator our information, and then getting the thought in my head that I needed to close the door because mum would yell at me if I didn’t.

But my mother was lying in front of the door, so I wound up trying to close it on her foot without realizing it and having her friend yell at me for it and send me outside to flag down the ambulance when it came by.

I must have cried.  I was only ten years old, a child, so I must have cried.  It was the scariest thing that had happened to me in a long, long time.  But I don’t remember doing so.  I think it mostly came later that night when my mom was at the hospital overnight.  The ambulance came and gathered up my mom and took her to the hospital for overnight observation.  I remember them being very nice to me, and my mom’s friends stayed the night to look after me.

But this time in my life ties for first place with the first time I was ever in a car accident.

My bf and I were coming back from a wedding in Quebec, and we were car pooling with some friends.  It was about three or four years ago, in February and the weather was just awful.  It was a combination of rain, snow, wet snow, and sleet so I guess it’s not that surprising that it happened.

Anyway, there we were, driving along, I was sitting behind the driver with my head down, reading a book when I felt us start to swerve.  At first it was just that directional pull you feel when you’re changing lanes, but then we kept turning and I heard yelling voices.  I’m sure I knew at the time what the voices were yelling, but it’s kinda faded since then.

And when we didn’t straighten out, and I heard the voices, I remember thinking to myself “we’re going to crash”.  So I put my hands on the driver’s seat in front of me, bowed my head even further, and shut my eyes.

We wound up spinning out across three lanes of traffic before flying off the highway and into a ditch.  Thankfully the ditch wasn’t very deep and we wound up going across one of those squared off concrete drainage things so there wasn’t much damage.  We landed, and skidded to a stop with nothing worse than bumps, bruises, and shaken nerves.  We were so lucky though.  No one hit us as we were spinning out, we went off the highway at just the right angle to not flip over, and there was another car full of our friends right behind us.  They pulled over to help us out of the car and make all the right phone calls.  The car was actually the worst off, it needed some bent parts replaced afterwards, but it’s doing fine now.

I found out in the aftermath that what had happened to cause the accident was a big tractor trailer truck passed us by and sent a wave of water off the highway up and over our small car.  The driver couldn’t see for a few moments and in trying to keep the car straight and in the right lane until the wipers cleared the windshield, that water took away just enough traction to cause our tires to lose their grip and us to spin out.

Or at least that’s what I was told.  All I know is we were fine up until that truck passed us and our car went through an unintentional wash.  In the rain no less.