28237448So this is going to be quick, simple and to the point.  BioWare and Dragon Age creator David Gaider have been collaborating on a graphic novel series of the Dragon age game, taking place after the events of Dragon Age II.

The first one, Silent Grove, sets Alistair on the path to finding his father’s killer, with hints that he might still be alive.  Here, in the second installation Those Who Speak, the focus is taken off Alistair and placed squarely on the vivacious Rivian pirate queen Isabella.

Isabella, Alistair, and Varric travel to mage-ruled Tevinter attempting to tack and confront the one suspected of killing/kidnapping Alistair’s father Maric.  They succeed, but the man escapes with the trio in hot pursuit.

But not all goes as planned when their ship is attacked by Qunari and separated.  Varric and Alistair are sequestered guests of an old friend who has become a new, powerful ally by the end of the book, and Isabella is subjected to an attempted conversion, and during her discussions with the priestess who is sent to convert her, we learn much about the pirate queen’s past, although not as much as we would like.

A good addition to the collection of any Dragon Age fan like myself, and any fan of Isabella the pirate queen.

Next: Reader’s Guide to the Legend of Drizz’t.  Looking forward to it!

2428035Drizzt Do’Urden fought his way out of the monster-infested Underdark and carved a life for himself on the no less unforgiving surface world. The Legend of Drizzt follows the tale of a hero born to a race of evil, who struggles with his inner demons and the prejudices of others to become one of the greatest heroes the fantasy genre has ever known.

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