Part 5

It was a difficult task, killing my father.  A long, complicated process of reuniting with my family, luring them out for my father to attack, protecting them as he did so, all while gaining enough of my father’s trust before finally being in a position to blind side him and take his life.  Only now there was no one else to take his blood but me, so I did.  I killed him as I killed my daughter, although it was a little more difficult, for in hell all weapons are designed to kill demons whereas on earth not so much.

Fate must have been guiding my life since the day I was born, for among my adoptive family I counted a scion with precognitive dreams, and a fallen angel.  One had dreams that my father would return, and enlisted the help of the other in creating a weapon strong enough to kill him.  They would have failed in the end for they only would have cut him up and let him be, and in time he would have come back.  But I took the thrice-blessed angel blade that they had forged from them, and once I saw my chance I stabbed my dearest father in the heart.  I drank every last drop of blood that was in him and took all his strength, powers, and memories into myself, and at last I cut off his head.

That was almost two years ago.  And things have been relatively peaceful up until now.  I created this home for myself and the younglings on the land where my father ripped open the doorway to hell.  I live here to guard against it ever being opened again.  And as I watch over it, I raise and train the younglings in the ways of demon and mortal kind.  We have lived, loved, laughed and lost as family and friends do while trying to meld together these two very different world.  But it works for the most part.  Thing were quiet and peaceful.  We lay low during the day, learning and training, and I leave the young to rest at night and hunt with your bretheren.

But then you came along.  You crossed the water, thinking you’re king shit and you know what’s best for your people, trying to take over and rule the roost and disrupting the pace of our world.  Let me tell you a not so little secret right here and now warriors: you don’t know jack.

Now for what it’s worth I’m sorry we had to meet like this.  Spiriting you away against your will and holding you in my home during the time of day that you are most vulnerable was not entirely fair I’ll admit, but would you have bothered to listen had I done it any other way?

So, you asked me who I was.  I’ve told you that and much more than you were willing or wanting to hear, but you needed to know to understand why I chose to act as I did.  I brought you here to tell you my story.  To tell you why the path you have chosen is the wrong one.  You choose to battle against your brethren when you have a greater foe, and when the survival of your race means the survival of so many more.

Do you not see the road of death and destruction you walk?  If you do not stop now, the two sides will be too busy fighting each other to defend against the true threat.  One side will wipe the other out, leaving the survivors vulnerable to that threat, else you’ll both be wiped out together because you’re do damned blind and stubborn to see the truth!

I know you don’t believe me.  I can see it in your eyes, despite the oath I swore before.  Which is fine, I figured you wouldn’t.  My tale is indeed a strange one, but I don’t think you have taken one very important fact into consideration.

Demons are long lived creatures.  The only true way to kill us is to destroy our hearts as well as our heads, and drain our blood into another living demon.  The demon who absorbs or drinks this blood, in turn gains all the memories, power, and strength of the demon that has died.  My father was a duke of hell, second only in power to the princes who rule the realms.  He had lived millennia by stealing, killing, plotting and planning.  And the thing you are forgetting mortals, is that I killed him.  I, a half breed demon only two millennia old, killed a duke of hell.  I was smarter, more cunning, and more manipulative than him.  I killed him, and too all that he was into me.

So now, my quivering mortal friends, do you see where I am going with this?  I am no longer the mewling demon or half mortal creature that my father bred years ago.  If ever I chose to return to hell, I would be given a place at the right hand of my prince there and become the new duchess of the realm of Lust.  I am powerful and stronger beyond your ken you stupid stubborn bastards.  I could have easily wiped you all out without breaking a sweat but I haven’t.  Instead I brought you to my home, fed you, gave you warm beds to rest in and told you my story not because I felt it was needed, but because I wanted to.

I want peace between you and the brethren you fight against.  I want the future I have seen in my dreams every night since you crossed the water not to come true.  For as much as I am and call myself a demon, I am as much the child of my mortal mother as my father, and I do not want to see this world fall into ruin because two sides are waving their dicks around trying to see who’s is bigger.

But enough talk for now.  I grow weary and the day grows short.  There is nothing more I can say to convince you of the truth, and so for now I will leave you.  Think on what I have said, take part and enjoy the hospitality of my home, and once the sun sets you will be free to leave.

I only hope that when you do, you remember my words.  Remember them, and remember that it is not just your lives hanging in the balance.