15704307I think I found a new series.

I randomly picked up Saga at work the other day, and was able to read it over my lunch break and it’s really good.  An interesting mix of fantasy and science fiction where winged humans are ruled over by humans who are more robot than flesh, and they’re fighting fae creatures in a centuries long war that shows no sign of ending.

The narration is interesting too.  It open with the lead female, one of the winged humans, giving birth to the child of her fae lover, and it’s actually the child that is narrating the story for you from a gown perspective.  The safe thing to assume here is that the child is all grown up and this is her telling you her story.

My only complaint is that there seems to be an issue with the timeline that hopefully is explained later.  See, mum and dad are obviously fighting on different sides of the war given their species.  She winds up working prison detail where he is eventually dumped.  As far as we know, they have never met before that date, but twelve hours later they escape together, and three months after that they’re married and she is heavily pregnant.

Yeah.  Kinda weird.  But like I said hopefully this will be addressed and cleared up in later issues.

I love the artwork, and the story is really cool.  From these two star crossed lovers, to the bounty hunter couple sent to track them down, to the radio-headed robot prince and ghostly baby sitter, Saga is anything but a dull read.  Can’t wait for the next one.

Next time, check out what I found randomly hiding on a shelf on day! More Realms graphic novels!  Squeee! Simply titles Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms (I’m assuming #1 here) by the man Ed Greenwood himself! 😀

15896706Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood opens the adventures of an unlikely new band of heroes who get into a bit more trouble than usual in the fabled port city of Waterdeep, but soon discover some of the seedier corners of the wider Realmsthe hard way! Joined by artists Lee Ferguson and Sal Buscema, this new series kicks off a deadly tale with a kidnapping that is moreand lessthan it seems…