Day 56 of the Writer’s Devotional, and today we’re supposed to talk about how people are easily corrupted.

And first off, I don’t agree with that statement.

I believe that everyone is corruptible.  We are human, we are flawed, we all have weaknesses and sometimes giving into those weaknesses corrupts us and all to varying degrees.  And I’m not taking about volume as the degree of separation.  The single mother of four who lifts a couple hundred dollars from her work to feed her family is just as guilty and corruptible to theft as the multimillionaire fortune 500 company CEO who smuggles thousands of dollars to feed his gambling addiction.  Granted if you really want to split hairs you can say one’s reasoning’s were more noble than the other, but they are both guilty of the same thing.

I think it all boils down in the end to a mix of willpower and need.  No matter how badly you need or want something, if your will is strong enough you will be able keep yourself from doing what you most likely know as wrong.  Perfect example of this, the Catholic priesthood.  Depending on the faction of Catholicism or Christianity the priest is sworn to, once they have done so is is wrong for them to have sex.  They cannot lie, cheat, steal, covet thy neighbor’s wife, etc. etc.  And for the most part many of them are able to live happily within those rules because they have the will to adhere to their faith and keep from those things their faith tells them is wrong.

And then again you get those priests who’s will was not strong enough and they allowed themselves to be corrupted and betray not only themselves but their faith as well.

So it’s not a matter that people are easily corrupted.  It’s a matter that everyone has a threshold of how far their will can take them before they give in and allow themselves to be corrupted for whatever reason.  They need to feed their families, they need to feed their addiction, they need to do it for some reason, even if that reason is just to please themselves.

We all have a darkness inside us.  We all have something that can and will corrupt us if we give it the chance.  It’s up to us -and only us- to keep that from happening.