Day 63 of Writer’s devotional, and we’re talking about how sports are important.  And I think you can already guess my stance.

Sports hold an important place in our lives.  They help keep us healthy by keeping us physically active, they help us create and develop social ties as well as cooperative/team skills, they’re fun, engaging, and they are a smaller model of our everyday triumphs and failures in our routine lives.

So on the surface, yes.  I agree that sports are important for all the reasons listed above.  What I don’t agree with is that many of those who are into sports see them as the be all and end all of all things extracurricular.

It bothers me when I hear these stories about members of sports teams being accused of crimes and given the benefit of the doubt because of their profession.  These athletes, professional and otherwise, are protected because they are important to their sports team and that how right is that?  Most recent case, those high school football teens accused of sexual assault.  Practically the entire town stood behind them saying they were innocent despite evidence, a trial, and verdicts to the contrary.  You think they would have gotten the same treatment if they were just small town joe blows?

That’s what frustrates me most about the sports world, how these athletes are practically immortalized because of what they’re paid to do.

I don’t play sports for two reasons: I haven’t really found a sport I’m interested in enough to play, and various health reasons keep me from the playing field so granted I may not ‘get it’.  But everything that makes sports important you can find in other areas of interest.  You can create and develop social ties and build cooperative/team skills by joining a variety of different clubs.  You can get physical activity from walking, biking, running, swimming, etc.  Anything else that you are interested in can be fun and engaging.  You don’t need sports for that.

But if sports is your thing, go for it.  If it makes you happy, you enjoy it and so on, then all the more power to you.  It’s just not my thing and I don’t think they are or should be the end of your world.