14287958Ok I give up.  See, when I picked up the first issue of the new round of D&D graphic novels entitled Shadowplague, I honestly had no intention on getting this series on a permanent basis.  I would pick up the newest issue when it came into work, read it, and go on with my life.  Quick, simple, easy.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

Three issues out, and I’m caving in.  I’ve gotten hooked on these characters, all of them with smart mouths and wits to match.  Not only are the stories interesting and engaging, but the characters are funny as hell no matter what they’re doing.  Be it having a drink in a tavern and inadvertently starting a bar fight, or battling homunculus dwarves unwittingly controlled by our intrepid paladin’s crazed fiancee.

And that’s pretty much what happens here.

This is some back story on the dwarven paladin of the party, and his search to find his missing lady love once he detects some letters from her are not quite what they seem.  So, heading off to the nearest dwarven stronghold, our heroes head down into the depths of the Underdark to find her.  And while they accomplish their mission, they also find a beholder giant, an elder god released from the abyss, and the dying Kruthink queen who entrusts her next generation to the party’s Tiefling wizard.

Best thing is, all this actually makes sense when you read it.

But yeah.  I need to get this for my own collection now.

Finally finished reading the Memoirs of Cleopatra I started a while back, so that’s up next.