16257093I don’t like reviewing graphic novels all the time, because what can you say about them really, aside from ‘it was good/bad’?  But I’m afraid that’s what I’m stuck with doing right now, as that’s all I’ve really had any interest in reading.

Thankfully, I might have found some tales you folks might like as well.

So out there in graphic novel land, there is apparently this whole series of fairy tale based adaptations called Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  They take classic tales and put a dark twist on them.  The first one I’ve checked out is the first of the Robyn Hood saga.

Really dark this one.  About a woman born in the land of Myst where most of these fairy tale creatures are born/dwell or where their stories take place.  Mumsie and dadsie were dark warlocks who were killed as she was about to be sacrificed to bring some evil entity into the world of Myst and was subsequently abandoned in our world to live out the rest of her days.

But young Robyn grows up knowing something is different about her, and she cultivates several unique skills as a result before being raped one day, having her eye cut out by her rapist, and being pulled through a magical portal against her will and forced to aid the village of Bree under the cruel rule of Prince John.

Enter the legend of Robin Hood.  Will Scarlet is in love with her, Little John is a jolly giant, the king’s right hand is an assassin, and maid Marian is a local witch.  If this doesn’t pique your interest I don’t know what will.

Next time, a look into one of my fav games, Darksiders II by Andrew Kreisberg.

15897232Delving into the days before the Apocalypse, Darksiders II: Death’s Door is a pivotal contribution to the world of the anticipated new game! Created in collaboration with Joe Madureira’s Vigil Games, this original story follows Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, on a mission to destroy a rogue demon. Chasing the creature across magical realms and even through time, Death takes on a heart-pounding adventure that reveals some of the greatest mysteries of the games!