15897232So here we have the first graphic novel based on the prequel of a game I enjoy, Darksiders II.  I own the first Darksiders and it’s a rather fun game.  You play one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, War, and you have to fight angels and demons on earth to save the world.

Darksiders II is much the same, only focusing on War’s brother Death.  And Death’s Door is just a hint of back story to the events of the second game.

I actually really like how they did Death’s character here.  He’s not blood thirsty, power hungry, or fatalistic.  He knows what he his, what his role is in the universe, and he accepts his lot in life as well as his duty to protect it.

See, this all begins when Death learns that the balance of the universe is in jeopardy.  A rogue demon is running amok on earth, fiddling with the doomsday clock, trying to end the world long before it’s meant to, thus putting Death and his siblings out of a job.  And well…quite possibly a life as well since they were solely created to bring about sed end of the world, what’s the point if the world is already kaput?

I had a hard time putting this one down, and it only made me eager to play Darksiders again.

Back tracking a bit, we’re heading back to the world of Myst in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Tales from Neverland.

29746080the history of some of most popular Neverland characters are told here, including Tinker Belle, Tiger Lily, and Pan‘s monstrous mutant Croc.