For those of you keeping track, you may have noticed a distinct lack in Sunday posts lately.  I do have a reason, and I’m sorry it’s just taken me this long to telling you all.

See, over this past Christmas, I got it into my brilliant mind to cross stitch cards for everyone in lieu of buying gifts.  One card takes about a day or so, just to stitch it on the fabric, never mind adhering it to the card.  And like a nert I put it off till the last minute, doing almost 20 cards in a month.

Lot of wrist action there.  Heh.

As a result, predictably, I wrecked my wrist but thought nothing of it.  I figured I just stressed it and with enough rest it would get better on its own.

Alas, it did not.

A few weeks ago it got really bad, to the point where I had to stop typing and writing and doing most other things I enjoy to do with my hands (heh), so I stopped the Sunday posts as those are more my own creative writings and stick to my reviews.  I read faster than I write, so I can read two to three books in a week, and over the course of several days write the reviews for them and set them to post.

Again, I thought this was just temporary.  I stopped posting and made plans to go to the doctor, figuring to catch up in a week or so and just post backwards.  So I went to the doctor figuring he’d say “yeah, week off work, DO NOT USE IT AT ALL, and you’ll be fine.”

But an xray, a steel wrist brace, and prescription for anti inflammatory painkillers later, here we are.

And now I’ve been hit with some sort of throat/ear infection that makes everything from sight and sound to balance and perception a little wonky.  Fun times!

Long story short, I’m stuck in this wrist brace for another 2-3 weeks until my next appointment, making typing especially hard.  Sunday creative writings and what not will be suspended until I get this figured out.  I will try and keep up my other posting schedule of Wednesdays and Saturday with reviews and ramblings as much as I can.

So for now I beg forgivness and understanding as I attempt to not cripple myself, and I thank you for your patience and not abandoning me in my time of need. (hint hint. 😀 )