16255632Okay are we really surprised about this?  I think I have enough Dragon Age stuff on here that we can all agree I’m a little bit of a freak.

But to each their own right?

Anyways, I really enjoyed Dragon Age World of Thedas Volume 1.  Thedas is a vibrant, colorful world that we only get a glimpse of in the games and books and what not.  The World of Thedas is along the lines of one of those Eyewitness Travel Guides that you find in store.  It’s an in-depth, comprehensive look at all aspects of the world.  History, religion, races, geographical make up, history and composition of the Blights that take such prominence in most of the books and games you find set in Thedas, as well as a bestiary.

I think the one thing I liked the most about this is that no matter how much you think you know about Dragon Age and Thedas, This book is bound to teach you something new unless you’ve spent hours upon hours researching online in your own time.

Be warned however, (this warning is in the intro but most people don’t read that) this book does contain spoilers for Dragon Age 3, provided you keep your mind and eyes open, reading everything there is in the book.  I think, now that I have read it from cover to cover, I have a tenuous grasp on the plotline -or at least major events that will be depicted- of the next Dragon Age game.  But only time will prove me right.

And the fact that this is only Volume 1 gives me hope for more!  😀

Keeping up with high fantasy epics, next up is book two of the Demon War Saga by R.A. Salvatore: The Demon Spirit.

566752Elbryan and Pony–soul mates from childhood who grew even closer over time–fervently hope that the tide of darkness is at last receding from the land of Corona. Yet if evil is on the retreat, why are hordes of goblins and bloody-capped powries slashing their way ever-deeper into civilized lands?

A sinister threat now looms over Corona, for the power of the demon dactyl was not entirely vanquished by the sacrifice of the monk Avelyn Desbris. Instead, its darkness has infiltrated the most sacred of places–as a once-admired spiritual leader rededicates his life to the most vicious, most insidious revenge against the forces of good. There may be no stopping the spread of the malignant evil . . .