68427Okay I know that’s not exactly a word, but it’s the best one I got to describe this book.

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson is fantastic, fabulous, awesome, wonderful, and all other good things like that. One of his earlier works, Elantris is a wondrous mix of fantasy, mystery, and action.

We are transported to a brand new world where magic was the norm,until ten years ago when a cataclysm shook the land, casting down the most proficient magic users and turning any future users from silver skinned gods to decrepit and decaying monstrosities. At least until the crown prince was struck down.

Elantris was a city populated by beings that could cast magic by drawing runes in the air. They were silver skinned and pale haired, beautiful and long lived. But the cataclysm robbed them of their magic, their beauty, and the fear of the people robbed them of their lives. Now Elantris is a decaying ruin where any newfound magic users are tossed into the city’s corpse and left to rot along the ruins.

But the crown prince is not content to let things lie at the status quo: starving, fighting among gangs, never eating but never dying. So with the fortuitous discovery of an ancient library, our prince is determined to uncover why the magic stoped. Why the city is decaying at ten times the normal rate. Why can’t any new Elantrian truly live or die, and how to set everything right.

With one friend in the inside, and unseen allies outside the walls -including the wife he widowed without every marrying or meeting her and a priest trying to convert his people- Price Raoden has his work cut out for him.

I simply could not stop reading this book once I got the first chapter under my belt. Some of the theory behind how the magic of the runes worked was a little dry and dragged on a bit, but this book was still able to catch my attention like no fantasy book has for some time.

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