17131869I think I’m falling more in love with this series.  In volume 1 of Saga, we met two star crossed, interracial alien lovers as they brought fourth their half breed child into the world, and subsequently had to flee the powers that be who wanted them all dead for daring to set aside their racial difference and start a family together.

Volume 2 is the continuation of the story, picking up right where volume 1 left off, with daddy dearest parents storming their star ship tree in an attempt to rescue their son whom they thought had been kidnapped.

No one ever said this series was boring…

Anyways, everyone gets off on the wrong foot before finally settling down and realizing ‘hey, we’re all family here.’  It’s a rather heart wrenching installment when we lose someone we had just started to like, but we’re proud at how he decided to go out.

I still love the fact that the whole story is narrated by little baby Hazel, all growed up and telling us about her life.  Just makes you wonder how old is she now, and how much of her -and her parent’s- story we have yet to hear.

One more graphic novel coming up.  I’m being a bit cheap right now because of all the new shiny things.  Fanboys vs Zombies volume 2: Appetite for Destruction.

15802948One is a decrepit mob of gurgling, ravenous fiends…and the other is a zombie outbreak.Comic-Con is over. San Diego is completely dead…err, better make that undead. Escaping the convention center was the easy part — now, the Wrecking Crew has nowhere to hide as they fight their way through the ravenous zombie hordes that have spread all across the West Coast.