It’s amazing the curve balls  life throws at you sometimes.  Remember last time I was here I was saying I’d have to cut down from three to two posts a week because of my wrist?  Well I got word back from the doc about my wrist and apparently I was born with a cyst on one of the bones in my wrist that hurts if I do too much with it. There’s nothing to be done right now except be careful and pop a Tylenol when it bothers me.  Surgery is an option-either to remove the cyst or remove the bone entirely and replace it with plastic-but as long as all I need to do is rest and pop an aspirin or something, then I’m not going to do it.

It’s my wrist.  If I go for it and something goes wrong, I’m screwed.

So while I’ve been a bit behind on my postings, I’ve been able to keep up the two a week schedule.

But now I have to cut myself down to once a week unfortunately, and this news is both joyous and sad.

After five years, I left my previous place of employment at the largest book company here in Canada, Indigo Books and Music Inc here in Mississauga.  And I finally landed-after two years of searching no less-a full time salaried job, in Toronto.

So yay!  More money!  More stable hours!  And after two years I don’t have to be at work for 5am!  Finally!

The only problem is I’m out of the house for 13-14 hours a day.  I work for 9 hours a day, and have to travel 2 hours to get to work and back home again.  So while I’m quite happy in many ways: I have my weekends back, I have more stable hours, I don’t have to be in bed before the sun sets-I don’t have that much time at home to do the things I have to do, let alone the things I need to do.

See, to be at work for 8am, I leave the house at 5:30am, and I’m home at 6:30pm, and in bed by 10/11pm to do it all over again the next day Mon-Fri.  3-4 hours a night doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time to do everything I would want to do such as read, write, stitch, watch movies etc along with the chores and housework I have to do.  I have my Sat and Sun off, but I’m out and about for at least half of one of those days, and I use the rest of the time to play catch up.

So rather than putting a strain on my wrist and forcing myself to write three drafts a week ready to post for the following week, to save my wrist and my sanity, I’m afraid I’ll have to cut down to once a week.  I’ll be keeping the Wednesday postings as book reviews as I’ll still be able to post at least one of those a week with the four hours a day in transit I’ll have to read.

As before if I happen to be able to draft something creative or something a little extra, I’ll still reserve Sundays for my own personal creative writings when they happen.  Saturdays now will be reserved for anything I might be able to draft on top of the Wednesday post.  If I read two books in a week and I manage to find the time to write both posts, one will be on Wednesday and one on Saturday.  If I manage to bang out a rant about something, I’ll post it on Saturday.  You get the picture.

For those of you who have been checking me out three days a week, I’m sorry about this.  But as much as I enjoy this blog, I’m not going to screw myself over.  As I said, surgery is an option to fix my wrist, but right now it’s an unnecessary one.  I won’t push myself to the point where it becomes necessary if all it takes to avoid it entirely is I cut down a bit on my writing.

I like to think that is the most sensible course of action, at least for myself, and I hope that all of you understand.

Thanks for your patience folks.  See you next week!