2474875I first started reading Shannon K Butcher with her paranormal romance series the Sentinel Wars, and I saw she had the contemporary Delta Force trilogy.  I was able to find 2 & 3 with relative ease, but 1 escaped my grasp until recently.

And I was so happy to have finally completed this trilogy I read it right away.

While not bad, it only served to reaffirm that contemporary romance isn’t really my thing.  I liked the book.  The story was interesting, and I liked the characters, but it didn’t hold me the way most other books do and I found myself flipping more than reading.

Its very cookie cutter which isn’t bad in itself if the story is interesting, I just don’t think I had any real patience for it this time.

Wounded military man, virginal bookworm of a woman, fall in love against all odds.  She gets captured, he rescues her, and it’s all very romantic but felt a little rushed near the end.

All in all, could have been better, could have been worse, but at least like the title says I have no regrets in picking it up and adding it to my collection.

Dipping into the Realms well next with the last official instalment of the Avatar trilogy, Waterdeep by Richard Awlinson.

650583The Streets of Waterdeep…
Where danger lurks round every corner as the avatars of the gods seek the Tablets of Fate.
Where Cyric and Myrkul, god of death, plot to capture Midnight and twist the Tablets to their own dark ends, imperiling the very existence of Faerun.
Where the destiny of the world will be decided and a new pantheon of gods will rise into the heaven