650583Seriously.  It’s getting a little tiresome.

Those who know the Realms like I do know that the Avatar trilogy is a classic.  Shadowdale, Tantras, and Waterdeep all tell the story of the time when the gods were cast out of the heavens and were forced to live among humans for a time.  All was chaos, many gods died, and at the end of it all the very nature of the relationship between gods and mortals had changed, and two new gods had arisen to help keep the balance in the cosmos.

The ending if this book was different than I was expecting in who lives and who dies.  Here, we lose Bane, Mystra, Myrkul, and Tyr.  Ao, overlord and creator of the gods themselves leaves Bane’s essence to fend for itself, while restoring Mystra and Tyr and essentially replacing Myrkul.  The last time Mystra was reincarnated her intended avatar had to leave behind the love of her life, which is usually how it goes.  The one intended for this great destiny is forced to leave their lover behind and is forever saddened but not broken.

Well, that’s not the case here, and that surprised me.  And I usually like surprises like this, where the story doesn’t go the way I’m expecting it, but damn was it hard to lose this one!

Sometimes I really hate how invested I get in my books.

I also liked how there are hints at the very end about there being something bigger and more powerful than Ao out there, and am curious to see if there is anything else out there that touches on this.

It was actually really weird reading this trilogy.  I already knew the history behind it all.  I knew how it was all going to play out, but it was weird going through it and seeing exactly how everything comes to pass.  I’m glad I finally got a chance to pick these books up and learn about our heroes.  Adon: the faithless priest who finds a new goddess and purpose in life.  Kelemvor: the cursed fighter who tricked a god to cure himself and fell in love with the wrong woman.  Cyric: the ambitious and mentally unstable thief who only wanted control over his own life and winds up being controlled.  And Midnight: the sorceress who risks it all, loses everything, and gains so much more.

Their journey had ended, but their story lives on.

I must be a glutton for punishment, because next up is something else I know will most likely pull at my hear strings….again.  The Demon Apostle, book 3 in the Demon War Saga by R.S. Salvatore.

529593It is a time of mourning. A time of hope. With the demon dactyl and its foul minions defeated, the war-weary citizens of the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear wish only to bury their dead and begin rebuilding their broken lives. Yet the fragile balance between church and state lies shattered. The specter of civil war haunts the ravaged land–and a specter more fearsome still. For the demon, though defeated, was not destroyed. And now its vengeful spirit has found an unholy sanctuary at the very heart of the Abellican Church.
As the elf-trained ranger Elbryan Wynden presses north to reclaim the savage Timberlands from retreating goblin hordes, and his companion, Pony, mistress of gemstone magic, turns south to the civilized–but no less perilous–streets of Palmaris, they find themselves caught up in a ruthless power struggle to decide the fate of all Corona. A struggle that will push their courage and love to the breaking point . . . and beyond.
Condemned as heretics, the two heroes are hunted by dangerous enemies. The leader of the Church boasts a mastery of gemstone magic that rivals Pony’s proven might. And the Abbot’s right hand, the Bishop of Palmaris, has claws so sharply honed by hate and magic that no man–or ranger–can withstand their killing stroke. Then an unexpectedtwist of fate forces Pony to make a harrowing choice, one that may doom the world to demonic domination.