435045Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night is the 4th installment in the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole.  Here we are brought back to Bowen MacRieve, a Scottish werewolf pining for his lost mate for centuries, and introduced to Mariketa the Awaited, a young mortal witch who is destined for great things apparently.

Now these two don’t exactly get along at first.  In the previous installment No Rest For The Wicked, there was an immortal scavenger hunt called the Hie where we only really see Bowen and Mariketa for brief instances.  Bowen is trapped in a cave of endless fire and we hear through the grapevine that he trapped Mariketa and others to keep them out of the competition.

And while Bowen only meant it to be temporary, apparently he trapped them pretty much permanently and when he realizes what happened he goes back to free the witch and the others with her.  His thanks?  She almost kills him.

Granted, he kinda deserved it, but still.  What a way to start a love story.

For the most part this book was enjoyable.  I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy reading about tall dark and handsome with a European accent going after what he wants?  But there were a few tiny things that rankled me.  The biggest one being a thousand year old werewolf trying to hook up -and knock up- a twenty year old witch.

Yeah.  Just a taaaaaaaad bit creepy.

But in the end it works.  Turns out Mariketa’s destiny is to destroy an evil witch goddess so you can’t be so ‘babe in the cradle’ to accomplish that.  They have a few issues with him trying to get over the death of the woman he loved centuries ago, and even more when she turns up at the last minute after they pretty much have everything worked out, but yeah.  They wind up living happily ever after.

I mean, was there any doubt?

Well, here’s a surprise.  I’m actually going to finish a series!  *gasp!* Wonder if it’ll be worth it.  Andy McDermott‘s Return to Atlantis, book 8 of his Eddie Chase and Nina Wilde series.

Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase have stunned the world with their discoveries, from the legendary sword Excalibur to the golden city of El Dorado. Now, by bringing together three ancient statues from three different continents, Nina is about to tap into a colossal energy source—one not felt since the days of Atlantis.
But when the statues are stolen and Eddie is falsely accused of murder, forcing him to go on the run to hunt the man responsible, a violent struggle erupts among a secret, vastly powerful group that wants to control Nina and the earth energy. From a glittering, high-tech skyscraper in Japan to a harrowing chase beneath the Vatican and an underground military vault in Nevada, she and Eddie must piece together an astounding puzzle. For Nina Wilde is the key to a plot that will change the world forever. And Eddie is the key to keeping her alive.