221268So far this was one of the more fascinating of the Resident Evil books, and if my sources are correct, also the one not based off of any of the video games.

Here in Resident Evil 4: Underworld, we are reunited with our favorite S.T.A.R.S members Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Rebecca Chambers as they prepare to join up with the rest of the group -including Claire’s brother Chris- somewhere in Europe to bring Umbrella down.

But the mysterious puppet master known as Trent who showed truly showed up for the first time in the last book had another plan for them, and sent them instead to the Utah Salt Flats to take down a fledgling Umbrella compound that was really a world unto itself.

The thing about Underworld is that it breaks away from the mad duck-and-cover in the mean streets that you really saw in the first three.  Here they essentially explore an entire subterranean world where Umbrella had created four very different and specific environments in which to test four new hybrid species, all intended to kill anything that crossed their paths.

Some really fascinating hybrids too.  Pterodactyls, tyrannosaurus, goats, scorpions, snakes, and of course our beloved hunters from the original movies and games.  We also learn some interesting truths about Mr. Trent, but I’m sure there’s much more to learn about him as the series continues.  I’m not sure if these truths are part of the Resident Evil cannon yet, but either way I’m looking forward to book 5: Nemesis.

Slowly but surely I’m chipping away at the massive pile of unread Realms books.  Prince of Lies by James Lowder, book 4 in the Avatar series coming right up.

569526Revenge of a God

The Time of Troubles is at an end, and the gods have been restored to their rightful places.

The soul of Kelemvor Lyonsbane, former lover of the goddess of magic, remains hidden from the mad god Cyric.

The will of one such as Cyric, when bent on revenge, is not so easily thwarted.