569526Prince of Lies is the 4th book in the Avatar series, which is kind of ironic considering everywhere you look the Avatar series is referred to as a trilogy, when in reality there are 5 books to the whole storyline.  I mean, look at the top of the cover pic here.  See?  “Sequel to the New York Time’s Best Selling Avatar Trilogy”.  And the next one Crucible; Trial of Cyric the Mad is referred to as the sequel to Prince of Lies here.

Ugh.  Semantics make my head hurt sometimes…

Anyways, it’s been ten years since the Time of Troubles and Mystra and Cyric seem to be adapting quite well to their roles as the Goddess of Magic and the God of Death.  Only Cyric is still following his human delusions of grandeur and believes he is the greatest of all the gods, and goes about attempting to create a book that will compel all who read it to worshiping him and only him.

Needless to say, the other gods aren’t too pleased by this, but despite the fact that Cyric threatens their very existence by attempting to steal all their followers, only Mystra and the God of Knowledge Oghma do anything to stop him by preventing him to use magic to create the book, as well as Oghma’s scribes to mass produce the tome.

All this while Cyric searches for the soul of Kelemvor Lyonsbane, Mystra’s lover and Cyric’s friend when they were mortals, and that Cyric has a massive hate on for now that he is a god.  Cyric seeks Kelemvor’s soul to use as leverage against Mystra.  And after reading through the trilogy and Prince of Lies, I think I finally get why.  I think Cyric had a thing for Mystra as a mortal and now he’s a jealous, love spurned god of death.  Yeah.  That’s always a fun combination.

Unfortunately, with Cyric so focused on his attempts to bring down Mystra he lets his control over his own domain slip from his grasp.  And what do you think happens in a place with an oppressed population ruled by a tyrant who ignores his city for a spell and thereby loosen his grip?  Vive la revolution!

The Avatar series is so far a compelling read.  One more to go and I think it’ll be just as good as the four to come before.

Speaking of…guess what’s up next?  Crucible: Trial of Cyric the Mad by Troy Denning.  Last of the Avatar series.

291489This title is the final in a series of recovers of the popular Avatar series. At the time of its original release, this series presented key events that impacted the entire Forgotten Realms world, and the effects of those events are still felt in current novels. This re-released series features a cohesive cover design and all-new art and was written by “New York Times” best-selling author Troy Denning.

Cyric the Mad

Who betrayed his friends Midnight and Kelemvor and sought to destroy them.

Who ascended to godhood and now spreads his lies and intrigues into every corner of Faerun.

Who is the Lord of Murder, the Prince of Lies–and insane.