15742678Woot! Story advancement!  After what happened in the last one, I’m glad for a little plot here.

Falling Bling by Shannon K Butcher is the latest in the Sentinal Wars series, and it’s pretty good.  Lots of backstory to this so you’ll have to check out the series list I have here to make sense of it,

But basically its about two races of aliens living in the shadows on earth, one good and one bad.  Bad ones try to hurt humans, good ones try to protect them.  Bad ones try to breed themselves with humans to try and look more like them to get closer to us to hurt us, good ones are a dying breed that search for humans with some strain of their bloodline in their veins an court them.

Then you have the alien vampire healers kinda caught in the middle.

See?  Little confusing.

But for all that it’s a good series, you just can’t jump in on it this late in the game or you’ll have no bloody idea what’s going on.

Here we are introduced to a woman who suffers from visions from…well everyone.  She gets too close to people and she can see through their eyes to the point of her own view being completely locked out and all she can see is what others see.  We meet her hunting for someone-or something-that helps her visions disappear when she meets one of the good alien males who also happens to do the same thing for her, but of course she’s one of those scarred women who has a hard time trusting men so she has to go through the whole rigamarole before she finally caves and admits he’s the one for her.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But like I said there’s actual plot development with this one.  There is this whole big picture that again you need to read the series from the start to understand, but at least instead of it being simply hinted at, people actually reference and discuss it and you see where some of the story lines are going in regards to it.  All in all a very satisfying read.

Trying to wrap up a few series here, Ashes of a Black Frost, the third and final installment of the Iron Elves trilogy by Chris Evans is all dolled up with nowhere to go.

7841509In this third novel of musket and magic in Chris Evans’s Iron Elves saga, Konowa’s ultimate journey is fraught with escalating danger. A vast, black forest finds a new source of dark power, spawning creatures even more monstrous than the blood trees from which they evolve. The maniacally unstable former emissary of the Shadow Monarch hungers for revenge, leading an army of ravenous beasts bent on utterly destroying the Iron Elves. A reluctant hero, Private Alwyn Renwar, struggles to maintain his connection to this world and that of the loyalty of the shades of the dead. And in a maze of underground tunnels, Visyna Tekoy, whom Konowa counts among those he has loved and lost, fights for her life against the very elves he so desperately wants to find.

And so Konowa sets off from this Canyon of Bones, pursuing his freedom from a curse that has cast his life in darkness. For though his long, violent trek may indeed lead him to his destiny, he is ill prepared for the discovery he will make . . . with the fate of the Iron Elves, and the world, hinging on the courage of one wrathful elf.