So if you’re a fan of murder mystery shows, you need to check out Castle starring one of the geek gods Nathan Fillion.  It’s a really good show about this New York Times Bestselling author Richard Castle who kills of his best selling character and is in need of inspiration for his next one, so he tags along with an NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett and bases his latest character Nikki Heat on her.  And as the series continues, you see him publishing all these books, and then you see these books being published and discussed in the show appear in the store of your local booksellers.

i’m not joking.  The author is credited to Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion’s picture is on the back cover as Richard Castle, and the stories in the books are ver batum, page for page what they discuss in the show.  It is really, really cool and I have no shame in admitting I squealed like the little fan girl I am when the first book Heat Wave came into my store.

  1. Heat Wave
  2. Naked Heat
  3. Heat Rises
  4. Frozen Heat
  5. Deadly Heat
  6. Raging Heat
  7. Driving Heat

Also, they’ve taken to publishing the books based in Castle’s previous character Derrick Storm.  Haven’t read any of these yet, but knowing me it’s just a matter of time…

  1. A Brewing Storm
  2. A Raging Storm
  3. A Bloody Storm