10532477Sex, murder, and good old fashion corruption.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

In this latest installment, Nikki Heat is on her way to fast tracking her career in law enforcement while investigating the murder of a pastor in a kinky sex dungeon when she stumbles across an even older murder that winds up having links to those very high up the ladder of the very organization she had dedicated her life to.

So needless to say, Miss Heat has some choices to make.

Don’t want to say much more than that on the plot, because I think it’ll just give it all away.  But I must say that this was actually pretty heart wrenching for me, mostly because I am a fan of the Castle tv show and for those who are relatively up to date with the series with understand where I’m coming from.

All the characters in the books are based off of characters in the show, including the captains of the precincts.  Now, in the show, the beloved Captain Montgomery is revealed to be involved in some serious stuff and winds up being murdered.  And of course as a fan favorite, everyone was crushed to learn of his fate.  And since the captain in the book is based off the captain in the show…and has a similar fate…yeah.  Cue those damnable tears once more…

Normally, I’m not a fan of murder mysteries, but so far I’m glad I’ve broken my little fantasy/fiction mold and branched out.  The Nikkie Heat series has actually made me peruse the mystery section a little bit each time I go into a book store and it’s opening up a whole new world of reading for me.  Looking forward to the next one, Frozen Heat.

But for now, we can’t get much more old school than what I got planned next.  An epic and famous Realms book written by the co creators of the Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood and Jeff Grubb.  Oh be still my fan girl heart…

49369The Epic Historical Saga of the Most Powerful Nation in the Realms

Cormyr has been ruled by the Obarskyr family since its inception one and a half millennia ago. Now its king, Azoun IV, lies on his deathbed, and the vultures are circling, hoping to usurp the throne for their own. Against this crisis of state, the history of the Forest Kingdom unfolds, relating the previously untold story of a nation, its rulers, and its wizards.

Cormyr: A Novel is the epic historical saga of the most powerful nation in the Forgotten Realms fantasy world, as told by the world’s co-creators.