49369So if you have paid any type of attention at all, you know I am one of the biggest Realms freaks around.  Slowly but surely I am collecting every Realms book to be published.  Of those published in paper, I only need about 15 of the 300+ books published.  Of the ebooks…yeah.  Don’t have any of those just yet, but I will soon enough.

Anyway I recently went through my collection of Realms that I have not yet read and organized them by the story timeline, and Cormyr here was the first on the list once I was done.  Cormyr is a powerful kingdom in the realms, one once ruled by dragons, governed by elves, and now inhabited by humans.

This book follows the history of the aptly named Forest Kingdom from the time when a great black dragon, most commonly known as the Black Doom ruled the area and his kin dwelling in it.  Then the elves came along and after an epic battle between the Black Doom and their greatest spell warrior the dragons ceded the forests to the elves.  Then of course after a few more centuries humans came to the land and the elves, seeing their time coming to an end, cede the land to the humans under the condition that one they consider their own stay behind to serve as council to the fledgling king.

And so it goes until the story reaches the time of the ‘current’ ruler of Cormyr, King Azoun IV.  It is a fascinating look at a kingdom famous in the Realms for its wizards, knights, dragons and political intrigue.  It’s also done in a very clever way.  not just one timeline from beginning to end, but rather each chapter weaving between past and present until eventually the past becomes the present.

All in all, a fantastic, fascinating beginning to my favorite series.  And there’s two more in the Cormyr series to come!  Can’t wait.

Wasn’t planning on this one.  A last minute splurge that I have no regrets about.  Dragon Age Volume 3 Until We Sleep, the last of the *hopefully* first series of Dragon Age graphic novels.

28252383The lead writer of BioWare‘s hit Dragon Age games concludes King Alistair’s epic quest – in a journey beyond reality itself! Fans around the world have recognized the Dragon Age comics to be an integral addition to the videogame saga. Now, series writer David Gaider pits King Alistair and his noble companions Varric and Isabela against their most nefarious foe – the twisted blood mage Aurelian Titus! Don’t miss what critics are calling “wonderful, exciting examples of the fantasy genre in comic book form!”