49368Literally. Cormyr, one of the jewels of the Forgotten Realms world, is suffering from a blight of crops brought about -of course- by an ancient evil newly awakened.

Playing on the events of the first book, aptly titled Cormyr, Beyond the High Road follows the adventures of the crown princess as she attempts to regain the respect of her family and her subjects which she lost for her actions in the previous book.  She was played like a second hand fiddle by one of the masterminds behind the attempt to take out the current monarchy and supplant a new one.  She was basically in love/partially engaged to the very man who was trying to steal her crown from her and kill her father.

Yeah, people are going to look at you funny after that.

So she goes on a pilgrimage, finds solace in the worship of a goddess, and comes back more determined than ever to show her people and her father that she is worthy of respect and of being queen.  It would work a lot better if she weren’t so stubborn, her actions weren’t unlocking these sleeping evils, her family was willing to listen to a damn thing she said, and she didn’t get herself knocked up.  So she’s got a few obstacles to overcome to say the least.

I really enjoyed Beyond the High Road, despite the fact that I see soooooo many bad things happening, mostly because the next and final one is called Death of the Dragon.  With a title like that, you know things ain’t going to end well…

Going for a little horror now.  I know it’s a bit late for Halloween and all that, but meh. What’re you gonna do.  Resident Evil 5: Nemesis by S.D. Perry.

870819Zombies, mutant animals, bioengineered weapons and surgically enhanced monsters: after all she’s been through, Jill Valentine is ready to leave Raccoon City for ever. But the Umbrella Corporation isn’t finished with Raccoon City.

Under cover of night, mercenary teams have entered the city, along with something else – a lethal creature code-named Nemesis. Nemesis is on the hunt, and Jill is its prey.