Happy New Year everyone!  And welcome to the third annual Ja No Read Mo.

My apologies for the derth of postings lately, you all know how things tend to get around the holidays, alas and alack the drama started a month early for me but fear not!  Life is balancing out and things should be returning to normal.  Thanks again for the understanding and patience.

But for now, onwards and upwards!

First, I want to say that I hope 2014 is a great year for all of us.  Screw the ‘new year, new me’ crap.  Make this year a year to remember, however you see fit.  Be it parties, adventures, spending more times with friends and family, or finding The One, I hope that this year is one that you all can look back on when you’re old and grey and harassing the nurses in the old age home and say “Yeah.  That was one helluva year.”

Now, onto the yearly tradition here in my little corner of the universe: Ja No Read Mo.  The month where I challenge myself to read as many books as I can within 30 days.  Last year for Ja No Read Mo 2013, I set myself a goal of ten books I believe it was, but I was only able to make it to nine.  And since I did not meet my goal, I figure why tempt fate further.  This year my goal is to again read 10 books this month.

Maybe one day I’ll meet my reading goals.  I tried to read 100 books in 2013,  but was only able to make it to 90.  Stupid life and responsibilities and being an adult.  Cuts into my reading time…

Anywho!  The lucky duck to kick off Ja No Read Mo 2014 is a Realms books, part of the Wizards series, Darkvision.  I have waaaaaayyyy too many of these Realms books piling up.  I need to finally cut through them.

So here’s to a wondrous year folks! And with luck and the grace of the gods I can actually meet my reading goals this year…

401674Haunted by nightmares and driven by desire, Ususi defied the will of her people and ran away, venturing alone into the outside world her people abandoned centuries ago.

Now Ususi tracks down the relics that brought both prosperity and doom to her people. But when an old adversary finds her trail, she discovers the danger she thought past might only be beginning