401674So since the first book for this year’s Ja No Read Mo is a Realm’s book, I figured I’d make this month all about Realms.

About time too.  I have over a hundred just sitting there waiting for me…

First to fall, as I’ve said before, Darkvison by Bruce R. Cordell is the third in the Wizards saga.  An intriguing story of a Deep Imaskarian wizard Ususi, on the run from her kin and travelling the length and breadth of Faerun, searching for and exploring the ancient ruins of her ancestors.

The Imaskar were an ancient human race ruled by godless wizards whose realm was vast, and reach was longer still.  They created the first permanent dimensional space they called the Celestial Nadir where they performed their most dangerous experiments and stored their most horrible mistake.  The race was brought low when they reach outside their realm and enslaved people from another world and the gods of their slaves sought retribution.  All but a small pocket of refugees survived the genocide to create a new home in a cavern in the Underdark and named their new home Deep Imaskar.  Such a secret was the location and existence of their new home that the rest of the world was led to believe all of the Imaskarians were wiped out.

Ususi’s life work is to catalogue the twenty gates that access the Celestial Nadir, and to do so she had to escape her home that had become a prison for what was left of her people.  But no one’s past is so easily left behind as Ususi learns when Deep Imaskar sends one to bring her back to save the last vestiges of her people from an ancient horror her ancestors had hoped to seal away for all eternity.

So all in all, a fascinating read.  Especially for a girl who tends to feel more kin to swordsmen than wizards.

Three down in the Wizards saga, one for Ja No Read Mo. Second for the month is the final in the Wizards Saga: Frostfell by Mark Sehestedt.

757427Daughter of House Hiloar

War Wizard of Cormyr


Only fools find themselves at Winterkeep after the first snowfall. The cold alone can kill, if you live long enough, and dangers far worse haunt the ruined keep in winter.

But slavers stole her son. She would sacrifice everything to get him back. But in the uncaring, frozen north, will it be enough?