291565I actually have no idea how to feel about this one.  At first I love it, it was a fascinating mix between Counte of Monte Cristo and Man In The Iron Mask, but right at the end it lost me with a random quote from the Princess Bride.  I literally put down the book and held my head in my hands for a good five minutes because it made my brain hurt.

The prison escape from Count of Monte Cristo, an evil tyrannical despot who has his secret twin brother put into a mask of iron to hide his identity, a blind sword master, a portly thespian, a mage sworn to the throne, a world renown author, and a secret agent of good, Mage in the Iron mask is an interesting story with equally interesting characters.  But the joking an banality among the comrades becomes a bit much near the end, and the good guys don’t turn out to be so good in the end.

And that upsets me a little, because I really liked the character of the blind sword master.

So while I did enjoy reading most of the book, it did leave me with mixed feelings in the end because it wasn’t bad per se, just kinda confusing…

Well we’re almost there.  Four down in the Nobles Saga, two to go.  Book 5, Council of Blades by Paul Kidd.

62466War cares little for the troubles of the aristocracy. As a terrible new weapon obliterates the age of courtly battle, an intelligent but plain princess and her companions–an addled young inventor and a kleptomaniac firebird–find themselves forced into a battle for survival in a suddenly very deadly world