62466This was just bloody weird, but undeniably hilarious.  it was a bit difficult to read though, because it seemed so frivolous and unnecessary for almost two thirds of the book.

Council of Blades if most certainly not a book to take seriously.  A kleptomaniac fire bird, a princess trying to be a mage, a absent minded inventor, a stepmother the size of a river barge, and a best friend besotted with the fairer sex of an aquatic race -all of them running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to  to get killed- Council of Blades has an interesting cast of characters that can’t help but make you smile and shake your head at their antics.

but most of these antics as I have said have little to no bearing on the real events of the book which also don’t come to light until almost two thirds of the way through.

The kingdoms featured in this book are the offshoot of mercenary companies setting down roots and conducting ‘civilized’ warfare where little to no blood is spilled and all the battles are more posturing than actual fighting.    But the meat of the story is of two men on opposing forces, both wanting more for themselves than the bloodless, gutless warfare their cities have been engaged in for generations.  Both these men have dreams of taking their individual cities and joining them -and others- together to create a new land for them to rule together.

Well, one thinks they’ll rule it together.  The other just plans the obvious treachery.

Again, not a bad story.  I did enjoy reading it, it made me laugh and smile most every page.  But I do feel it was a bit much and took away a little bit from the focus of the story.  Other than that, it was good.

Wee we’re almost there folks!  Five down, one to go in the Nobles Saga.  Next up is book six, the Simbul’s Gift by Lynn Abbey.

291541The perfect gift.  Is it the one given or the one received?

The Simbul, Storm-queen of Aglarond, is unhappy. Though she has triumphed over her enemies, she lacks an heir to the throne—a child to love and nurture. But now she’s found the perfect father for her child: Elminster, the old mage of Shadowdale. All she has to do is win his consent.

And she has the perfect gift with which to accomplish this: A mysterious colt called Zandilar’s Dancer.

Unfortunately, the colt belongs to Ebroin of the Cha’Tel’Quessir. And getting it away from him won’t be easy, even for the Simbul…