291541After the way the last two books had ended, I was fearful for the last of the Nobles saga, but thankfully The Simbul’s Gift redeemed the Nobles saga, despite the premise of the book being a tad off.

You would think with the premise of the story being the Simbul trying to find/get herself with an heir to carry on her legacy that’s what the focus/main goal would be.  But no, and in many ways I am grateful for that.  Instead the Simbul’s gift focuses on the Yuirwood forest, that ancient and magic filled wood that is a part of the Simbul’s Kingdom of Aglarond.  Home to a race of half elves, the Simbul learns of some disturbances with the Yuirwood involves a young half elf, his human sister, and a horse presumable sired by an ancient goddess.

Hounded by and infatuated by certain members of her old enemies, the Red Wizards of Thay, the Simbul delves into the heart of the forest and discovers powers older than her own goddess Mystra when the half elves attempt to resurrect their primal gods and bring them back to Faerun.  But of course not all of these powers are good, and not all want what was long lost and forgotten to be found and remembered.

Shape shifting Red Wizards, a half mad elf, a young man trying to come of age, and a forgotten goddess being remembered.  All this and more the Simbul has to contend with to protect the land she rules and loves.  A strong end to a good series.  Yes, it had it’s hiccups, but it had a strong start and finish.

Little bit of a detour next, Forgotten Realms Cutter by R.A. Salvatore.  I saw it and I just could not resist.  I’d ask for forgiveness…but yeah…I don’t regret this in the least…