So yay me! Finally, after how many years? I have finally met my Ja No Read Mo Goal.

Very proud of myself for this, and i am looking forward to increasing the challenge next year, and the year after that and the year after that.

It’s not something very big or profound, and a lot of people would think me odd to be proud of reading X number of books in Y period of time, but it is something I love and with all things in life you will only improve if you challenge yourself.\

Ok enough with the deep life lessons.  Onward and upward friends!  Here’s to a another JaNoReadMo down, many more to go, and hopefully an awesome year of the Realms!















I actually had so much fun reading Realms books last month that I’ve decided to try and make this the Year of the Realms.  Of my year goal to read 100 books, I want at least 90 of them to be Forgotten Realms books in some form.

10 down, 80 to go….