So my house is kinda like a cat rescue house, no matter where I live.  My neighborhood is fairly wooded and people think its okay to let their cats out to run loose in them when they’re no longer wanted or convenient to have as pets.

God help these people the day I meet them…

Li’Miss was no different, except that I’m not the one who found her.  My home has that reputation now where if you find a stray cat, you call us.  And that’s just what my neighbor did a few years ago.  She found a gorgeous tortoise shell tabby hiding in our bushes when I came home from work and came knocking on my door. So naturally I came out, called to the wee thing, and she came up running.  I could tell right away she was young, maybe a year if that, and used to people because she was fairly clean and friendly.

And out of all the strays I’ve taken in, hers is the one that was most routine.  I took her in for about a week, fed her, gave her a warm place to sleep and plenty of hugs.  Posted pics around the neighborhood (of course I can’t find any of them now…), reached out to friends to give her a good home, and when nothing panned out I called the local no-kill shelter to do what I couldn’t.  Give her a home where she would be forever warm and loved.

I don’t understand people who do this to their pets, these creatures that have no voice of their own and only ask for the most basic of needs: food, water, shelter. And in return they give you all their love and loyalty. I think that’s a fair trade, don’t you?